We’re Fine

My Symphony: The Greatest by Cat Power


They’re real. The suffering, the sickness and the catastrophe– they exist. These things are felt and experienced by people, and although they don’t always happen to everyone everywhere everytime, they eventually will.

“I’m fine”. This is one of the most often-said two-word sentences human beings say. We’re fine. And that’s great; however, what do we do with these times when we are fine? What do we do with these moments when we’re not suffering from a gum inflammation, or tonsillitis, or a broken leg, or constipation? How do we spend these days when we are free to speak, to write, to see, to feel? How much love do we give now that we are still alive?

The obvious truth is that we are all just so blessed no matter what our circumstances are. The fact that you are reading this right now should already be enough for you to be grateful about something– you are there, you are breathing, and you are a part of the universe. Every breath you take is a reason to say “Thank You”.

A day will come when you, or life, or the earth itself, is no longer as lively and as vivid as you see it right now. I’m not the most well-informed person in the field of Science, but I do know that Physics itself tells us that everything in this world will fail us eventually. The universe is undergoing a process of entropy. All matter seems to start to fade, soften, melt or collapse. And even if none of this information is completely credible, I am convinced we as the human race need no scientific proof. The proof is everywhere; it is all around us. And no, it is not scientific. It is simply real.

The surrounding chaos and brittleness amidst life’s twenty-four-hour fragments are as palpable as they can get. Each discomfort we feel is a product of the world we built and the kind of society that we constructed. Is there an escape? Nobody knows.

So today, smile. You are there. You are fine. Spend these fine moments wisely.


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