Society is the Murderer of Art

Today I visited the blogs of five people whom I’ve known since freshman high school. One of these blogs taught me a lot about love, the other one about faith, and the remaining three about the overall nature of being alive. Throughout my adolescent years, I had spent more time reading about these people’s stories and experiences than all of my academic textbooks combined. And each of them had greatly moved me more than once by his words. They are all good writers.

But today, after closing the window of that fifth blogger’s website, I was rather dejected to learn that they’ve all stopped writing. Without any sort of warning or goodbye, they’ve all just disappeared, leaving their powerful work behind. I then went through their Facebook and Twitter profiles and upon substantial amount of link clicks and scroll downs, theorized that the main reason these writers stopped writing for a relatively long time is that they all [got busy]. Busy with 9-5 jobs, busy with call center jobs, busy with part-time jobs, full-time jobs, office jobs, healthcare jobs, or whatever kind of job it is that’s apparently somehow keeping them from writing.

Again, this is only my hypothesis. But if this really is the case, then it’s just sad. It’s sad that the “real world” or the “real life” all of a sudden just comes into focus and scares creativity away. And I am also sincerely sad because these blogs are blogs that I’ve grown up with. They are like my trusted friends in the World Wide Web. I’ve learned a great deal of trust and passion for the art of writing and the freedom of self-expression by feeding my soul with other people’s unabashed transcriptions of the human experience. And the mere thought of a “successful career” eating these kindred spirits’ time for further self-exploration and self-discovery is simply bothersome to me.

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” (Pablo Picasso)


One thought on “Society is the Murderer of Art

  1. Kenn;

    I have sometimes recently wondered what distractions, perhaps – have now consumed your days? I had kind of hoped you yourself were somehow blessed with the freedom to continue writing, discovering and just being yourself – instead of like the 5 friends you mention, immersing and maybe drowning themselves in the ‘real’ world.

    I regard you as a unique treasure and realize you probably can’t go too far along this line without steady employment, whereas I just wish characters like you could be somehow automatically issued grants to help them survive without being destroyed, perhaps – by having to join the regular rat race.

    Maybe share with us any fears or trepidations you might harbour in having to capitulate, give in and give up. I think we’d all appreciate knowing how you’re handling all this, seeing how all your friends have basically seemed to allow themselves to be swallowed by the monster.

    I know my Facebook blog site is NOT one you are referring to, yet I myself have not added one iota to it in one year’s time. Why? Well, whole slews of prognostications, both from most major belief systems in the world – and my own – seemed to fizzle out in that old 12/21/2012 sing-song – and I’m only now getting insights and understandings about how it ended up that way – and how to re-establish my own balance and intended future direction to travel in that whole affair.

    Hopefully, I’ll again have things to say, although I have never expected, like most contemplatives or artists, perhaps – to be understood, appreciated or respected for those endeavours by most people out there.

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