Puerto Vallarta


Hmm I could really use a week-long vacation in Puerto Vallarta right now.

I yearn for the tropical air, the orange-lit atmosphere and the ceaseless baby naps under the colossal sun – this blazing celestial fireball that promises only the warmest of winds and the liveliest of lives. My feet are hungry for the embrace of the provocative sand; its whiteness and fineness beaming a goddess-like energy all over my body and into the sky-kissed ocean. And my cheeks! Oh boy, do my cheeks relentlessly beg for that charming tan; my eyes wide open searching for the quickest way to temptation island. All this, with my arms raised to the palm-tree-decorated heavens and my heart jumping out of my chest, ready to free-fall into the turquoise-smothered bliss.

I will be there.


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