The Magician

My Symphony: Turning Page by Sleeping At Last

In a world that’s full of strangers, I think that it is way more than just luck to find that one person you effortlessly connect with. It’s magic. It’s magic because no amount of studying, research and overthinking can lead one to rationally explain why two people, who used to be individuals living in two separate worlds, at one point take down their walls and fall in love.

It’s magic because even though Science can intellectualize the how’s of every teardrop, every skipping of the heart and every movement of the lips, it can never completely justify why my eyes automatically close each time you hold my hand, or why I still get nervously giddy when you walk out of the shower wet and halfnaked, or why, even after a million times, I still stutter each time you look at me with your precious eyes and ask me how my day went.

Because that’s the thing about love – it isn’t meant to be intelligent, or rational. Love, in its purest form, is craziness. It is an indescribable mishmash of random laughter, happiness, misery and pain. It is this one rollercoaster ride that takes someone to scary but worthwhile lengths and heights. The Bible says that it is not selfish, but love (if you come to really think about it) is probably the most selfish thing in this world. It gives and it takes, but never in the same amount. It makes people happy, but it also makes them sad, angry, depressed and even suicidal. It causes one to be generous, but it also causes one to expect more, to ask for more, to inevitably feel that he deserves this and that because he is willing to give this and that. It is perhaps everyone’s bittersweet cup of tea because as much as it fills you up, you know that being in love puts you in a sort of a vulnerable state. To a certain extent, it makes you weak while it gives you strength. It tears you up while it builds you up. It makes you whole as it cuts you to pieces.

And that’s magic. 

Because just like a trick that initially looks odd and convoluted, love is actually pretty simple. You just have to close your eyes, and open your heart. And no matter how risky and scary it can be, deep inside of you, you know that it will always (always) be worth it.

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