Only As The Wolves Howl

In breakfast this morning, as I was listening to Wait by M83 and downing my second cup of dark roast coffee, I came across this beautifully written insight from a Youtube user called ToMaToTree015. Youtube is almost always the last place you turn to when you want to read a comment that’s not bigoted, homophobic, racist and superficial. But this morning was different. This morning, this comment on that M83 music video touched my heart and certainly, the lives of many. This is one of the simple moments in life that I live for – reading, or hearing, or seeing, or feeling something so simple yet so powerful. And this just crossed my path at a time when I really needed it. ToMaToTree015, whoever you are, wherever you are right now, I not only thank you, but applaud you for this.

Remember when Holden Caulfield said that people always clap for the wrong reasons? Well, this isn’t one of them.

I am clapping my hands right now. For this:

So I’m here, on this earth, in a universe filled with at least 100 billion galaxies. Within those galaxies are an unknowable number of stars. Orbiting those stars are even more planets. We find ourselves alive. Carbon based life forms with the ability to create. Conscious beings living out the bittersweet thing we call life. 17 years old, commenting on a music video that touched my heart. Music. Art. Philosophy. Science. Everything we’ve created. We ask why. So many questions. The truth is the answers aren’t important. The answers are likely to leave us disappointed. Unfulfilled. The beauty of it all is that we are able to ask why. Now go, love somebody, cherish the time you have left. Life is precious. You’re precious. It’s almost impossible to completely grasp this. Find comfort in not knowing. It’s the only way. And if you think you know, think again. All of this, I’m communicating with you because of language. Something we created. It’s magnificent. Ignore the grammatical errors. They don’t matter. What matters is the fact that there is such a thing as grammatical errors. Long story short, there is no answer to the question “why is there something rather than nothing?”. Please, I’m begging you. Push through the hard times. Cherish the fact that hard times exist. Appreciate your existence. There will be a time when no one is left to appreciate all of mankind’s accomplishments. So don’t waste another minute.

Much love –

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