I’ll Keep On Dancing While The Sand Is Pouring


When I think of time, I picture an image of an hourglass. I mean, the traditional ticking round clocks also count, but they just do not have that same amount of impact. This thought has always been inside my head, and I had written about this several times already, but I just cannot stress it out enough: time is everything. 

Of course I am a firm believer in the infinity of the universe. When you think about the stars, our sun, the planets, the asteroids, the other galaxies and everything else in space, it is very obvious that time doesn’t exist. Life in the universe is and will always be there. And everything out there in space is active – way before the Earth even came to be.

But for us human beings, it is a totally different story. Time is almost always never on our side. There is a reason why the overused and overly popular saying time is gold exists. The most important thing you can give to someone is indeed your time. Every time you give someone your time, you are giving that person a portion of your life that you can never get back. Your time is actually your life. Time. That’s all there is. And at the end of the day, that’s also all that we have.

The sands inside our hourglasses won’t stop for anyone, and one day all of our hourglasses will be empty.

Only when you take this imagery very seriously will you completely understand how important the here and now is. This is your life, my dear. And yes, it is ending one second, one minute, one moment at a time.

How much are you willing to risk now?


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