Breaking The Ice

After almost seven months of feeling completely one-dimensional, I am back to writing again.

I guess that like with many writers, I sometimes find it difficult to get in touch with my deepest thoughts and my deepest emotions when I am not extremely miserable. I hear a lot of artists say that sadness and loneliness are their fuel to keep going with their art. But I wanna steer away from that direction. I do not want to be a sad artist. Yes, I have been happy. I have been mentally and emotionally stable. And it sucks that I have made that an excuse to not write for a fairly long time.

The truth is, I have grown.

I have grown in the sense that I no longer need chaos to make my heart feel like it can explode at any given moment. I am no longer that person who needs to hurt in order to write. Because right now, I am happy. And yet here I am.

… and I will always be here.


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