15 Films That Made Me Who I am Today

Fifteen Films

“You are the movies you watch.” There is a lot of truth in this cliche. Although we are still the ones who make our own decisions, choose our own paths and live our own lives, the motion pictures we’ve looked at in our past greatly define who we are as individuals today. Which is why I decided to think about the fifteen films that profoundly impacted me in so┬ámany ways.

Now this isn’t the complete list, but most of these captured my heart at one point in my life and put me in another world where I had gotten to know myself on a soul level. These are the films that have similar themes and characters I feel a deep empathy with. The connection that I have with these films is much stronger than I would like to believe, and there is this strange yet beautiful comfort that comes with it.

So yes. In every move I make, every cup of coffee I drink on Sunday mornings, every discoloring strand of hair on my head, every joke I crack, every thought I think, every idea I get, in every breath and in every molecule present in every part of my body, there is a Richard, an Edward Bloom – an energy that causes me to venture the depths of excitement and fear, of stories that are larger than life. There is a John Keating, burning candles of passion and freedom, a Christopher McCandless wanting to break free from society and the community that only eats me up alive. In all of my stupid-impulsive decisions and in all of my seemingly idiotic attempts at escaping the so-called labyrinth, there is a George Zinavoy that screams of identity and honesty, loneliness and pain; there is a Ben Tyler managing a smirk, knowing that the best things in this life are not things, but people. Moments, nature, even death. There is a Keith Zetterstrom in me – depressed, sick and cynical. But capable of love; a lot of it. There is a Jack Twist in all of my love stories – the one who speaks the most, feels the most and sees the most, but also the one who’s gone the soonest.

There is every bit of story, every bit of character in me, that is palpable. I can see it, I can feel it… until such time I am it.

Such is the power of the fascinating art that is audiovisual storytelling.