Pizza Hut Isn’t Hot Anymore

My Symphony: Taste of Ink by The Used

Service quality check, service quality check. NEWS FLASH: Piza Hut ain’t hot no more.

Let me just share with you the “Feedback” I sent Pizza Hut about 3 hours ago. I just thought you might learn something from my experience. 🙂


For more than four years of my life, I have been an avid Pizza Hut consumer (that’s 4 years out of my 18 living years so far). Not a week passes by when I don’t eat your yummy pizza and pasta. But just yesterday afternoon, all of my positive thoughts about Pizza Hut suddenly vanished in the thin air.
I will say this direct to the point so that I’m not wasting anybody’s time. Yesterday, I ordered the Wingnormous special for delivery through the internet. The store I placed my order in was 10160 152nd St , Surrey BC V3W 9W3. I was so excited while waiting for my pizza and wings to come partly because I was really starving and primarily because I really love(d) Pizza Hut. And everything was going great and the house was just full of anticipation… UNTIL THE DELIVERY GUY ARRIVED.
I’m not writing this because I am a bored brat who’s looking for attention; I am writing this to you now because as a customer who really likes you pizzas, I am greatly concerned about the quality of your service and how I’ve seen it change drastically from the first day those delicious pizzas of yours ever touched my tongue. And by “change” I actually mean for the worse.
The delivery guy who brought me my order was basically snobbish, subdued and full of negative energy. After I opened the door for him, I was expecting a warm greeting like “Hey there, how’s your day going so far?” or “Good day, Mr. Kenn Edward, I’m here to deliver you your order from Pizza Hut”. You know, the kind of greetings I get from all the other stores I go to here in Canada. But that delivery guy from Pizza Hut yesterday? Nothing. I didn’t even see him smile. And then I took the pizza to the kitchen and I told him “Hold on a sec, I’m just gonna put this inside”, and while I was turning my back on him, I heard him release a breath of annoyance and irritation as if it was killing him that I am putting the pizza and the wings inside. From that moment, I already told myself “So this is what Pizza Hut has become”. When I got back to him, all I ever knew and thought about Pizza Hut not only vanished– they were all erased from my memory that it starts to feel like I never really knew Pizza Hut and its service on the first place.
When I came back to him, I gave him my dad’s credit card and to his dismay, I told him that my dad fell asleep coz he was tired and there’s no one else who can enter the password. After I told him “Oh no, my dad’s asleep”, he said with a very MEAN voice “I don’t care, you have to put the password there. Get it!”. And I was already shaking not because of fear but because of a tremendous wonder and amazement. I gotta admit. I was dumbfounded (negative note).
And then I told him “Is it okay if I change it to debit?” and he didn’t answer. He just gestured an irked “yes”.
After I got my debit card and while I was getting back to him, he stared at me from head to toe, and back to my head again. It was a death stare, I’m pretty certain. The way he looked at me can be equated to the way a lion looks at a deer from afar just before it hunts the poor little deer down. I did all the debit card transaction thing, and then because I was already shaking, I took my card out and he said “No! Dont take it out yet!” and it was too late coz i already took the card out. And then he started to get really mad. I could tell by the way he grabbed the machine from my hands and operated for a correction. He sighed sighs of voraciousness and gestured gestures of pure animosity.
I did the debit card thing again, and then he took out the receipt and to my surprise, he harshly put it to my hands in a way that my hands fell down the air coz of the weight from his own hands as he was giving me the receipt. Hence, the animosity.
He then walked away without saying anything. Not a “thank you”, not a “have a nice day!”, not a “enjoy your pizza and wings!”, NOTHING. Just him and his ridiculously unprofessional ways.
Do you know what the worst thing is? The worst thing is that I had been so nice to him the whole time that he was being a total douche (pardon the term) to me. It was almost like I was the Mr. Nice delivery guy and he was playing the role of the drunk ill-mannered tactless teenager who pops more pills than vitamin C resulting to inconsiderately mistreating the poor little “pizza boy”. That’s just sad. To think that I ended up looking like I was the Pizza boy being mistreated by an airhead and an occasional jerk.
I can’t help it. I just feel so bad right now. But mostly, I feel bad for you, Pizza Hut. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this, but really, the taste of your products, no matter how originally mouth-watering they actually are, becomes BITTER everytime you send out delivery guys like the one I met yesterday. Because each time you send out a delivery guy like him, you lower the quality of your service and mess up your reputation in ways so unbelievable that even I am still in a shock until now.
Because I wanna help you guys, here are the specific details about my order yesterday, 10/13/11:

Order For Pizza Hut
Date/Time Oct 13, 2011 at 03:16PM
Type of Order Delivery
Order Total $30.74
Estimated Time 3:46PM
Form-Of-Payment Credit Card (Remember: Your credit card transaction will be processed by your Pizza Hut location and you must present your credit card to the driver at the time Pizza Hut delivers your order.)
Store Phone # (604) 580-5882
I hope you’ll do something about this.
I am just a customer who voices his feelings out for the betterment of your service. It’s really up to you if you’ll make a move and screen your delivery guys before sending them out to families across Canada, or just let your service quality go down the drain.
Delivery guys are supposed to be lively and energetic and giving the house some atmosphere of bliss that says “Be hungry no more, here I am with your pizza!!!” and not a negative energy that blurts out “Kill me now!”
I’ve been ordering deliveries for a long time now. Yesterday, I thought I was gonna be happy after a long week of stress. I thought that the delivery guy would make my day, and instead he ruined it. Oh well. I am soooo NOT giving thumbs up for Pizza Hut anymore!